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About the Owner

Owner Miles Schnaer

I am committed to furnishing customers with a quality product at a fair price. My name is Miles Schnaer and I am the owner of the Crown Organization. I would like to share a little bit about myself and my philosophies with you.

After growing up in the Kansas City area and graduating from Pittsburg State University, I began my career by selling new cars at Morse Chevrolet in 1971. Going to Van Chevrolet in January of 1972, I started selling used cars. In June of 1974 I moved into a management position. After four years of being a finance, new car, and used car manager, I became General Manager. In January of 1979 I went to Decatur, Illinois and bought my first Chevrolet dealership. I purchased a Nissan dealership in 1985, and in 1986 Oldsmobile and Toyota. When the Dennis Autoplaza in Olathe became available in 1991, I bought the organization and named it Miles Autoplaza after the Miles Chevrolet-Nissan organization in Decatur. I promoted two gentlemen who had been with me in Decatur since 1979 to run both organizations. When the Superior Group came through Kansas City buying dealerships, I sold the Autoplaza. We closed the deal at the end of 1992. I looked around the country for other dealerships to purchase, going back to Decatur a few days a month. I was contacted by the owners of the Chevrolet and Toyota dealerships in Lawrence. After looking at their offers, I bought the dealerships considering that being in business in Lawrence was a tremendous opportunity. Not only for myself and my family, but also for people who want to look for for a career in the automotive business. Later on, in 2009, I sold the Chevrolet franchise and bought the Volkswagen dealership. I am constantly looking for highly motivated people who want to help me reach my goals of owning many dealerships throughout the country.

My philosophy is very basic and simple. I was taught these principles from my parents as I grew up. Common sense tells you that if you treat people right, both customers and fellow employees, and do the right thing, you will be successful. You have to be committed to excellence and believe you can be successful and you will be. There is a saying I like to use, "First we will be the best, and then we will be first." (Lou Holtz)